ABOUT AS3 EXECUTIVE We are an experienced team

about as3 executive Career counselling and outplacement for executives - our area of specialization is change and transitions

We offer personal and individual counselling in the field of:

It has become a perfectly normal state of affairs for directors and top executives to be handed their notice. When your turn comes, we will help you to analyse, establish goals and define your personal career strategy. We help you to open the door to new career opportunities. We make a network available to you and we ensure that you move on in your career.

As an executive, you have a direct impact on the performance of your employees and your organisation. You will be given the opportunity to discuss your challenges, to develop your leadership potential and to achieve your goals with a professional interlocutor, who has insight into the complexity of an executive job, who is objective and who is an expert in his or her approach to coaching.

Employees and professionalism are our highest priority:

  • We have 25 years of experience and a team of counsellors/coaches, all of whom have an executive, background from different corners of the Danish business sector, both private and public sector.

  • All are AS3 Academy certified, including as Transition Coach. The programme is accredited via the European Mentoring & Coaching Council at 3 levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner level.

  • All are fully-certified Executive Outplacement counsellors.

  • Our professionalism is well documented, and all programmes include evaluation of objectives and effect.

International scope

  • AS3 Executive is an independent limited company within AS3.

  • AS3 Executive is a Nordic organisation with its own offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

  • Internationally, AS3 has an exclusive partnership with LHH, the world's largest company in the field of Job Transition Management and Outplacement.

When choosing AS3 Executive, you should also be aware that:

We have built our company on three fundamental values:

  1. Business-oriented. Being business-oriented means that our commitment is something that we administrate in a focused, result-oriented and professional manner.

  2. Decent. Being decent means that we are honest, fair and respectful.

  3. Long-term. Working toward the long term means that we build upon long-term relationships and durable concepts and solutions.

We are affiliates of the United Nations Global Compact

At AS3, we take our social responsibility seriously and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility is one area in which we are actively working to benefit our clients, candidates and partners and to benefit society, the environment and ourselves.