Executive coaching We specialize in coaching and advising top executives

We develop top executives through executive coaching

AS3 Executive specializes in executive coaching and advising top executives, ministers, directors, and board professionals.

Executive coaching is for those who seek top performance, both for themselves and their companies. We support you in developing yourself and your top leadership, strengthening your personal brand, and highlighting your unique market value.

As a top executive, you are often alone in critical moments. The responsibility to develop, adapt, influence, and achieve results is in focus every day - both strategically and operationally. Therefore, input and advice from a trusted, external advisor are essential for your development and your ability to make informed decisions.

Executive coaching provides you with a confidential space where you can discuss both big and small dilemmas, set new goals in life, or make room for changes. We support you in gaining a helicopter perspective and checking in with what truly matters - for you and your organization.

We match you with the right executive advisor so you can receive the appropriate, professional assistance to take yourself and your company to the next level.

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What is executive coaching?

As a top executive, minister, director, or board professional, executive coaching provides you with direction and new insights. You receive personal guidance to maximize your potential and to lead with even greater impact, authenticity, and success.


Take your top leadership to the next level

Executive coaching is a tailored and confidential process for top executives, where you enhance your self-awareness and develop your top leadership in a close and confidential collaboration with an experienced executive coach.

Through individual sessions, you and your executive coach work to uncover your strengths, identify your challenges, and reach your personal and professional goals.

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Achieve greater self-awareness and power of action

An executive coaching program is designed to bring clarity, enhance self-awareness, and enable you to navigate the top leadership role with increased strength, self-awareness, balance, and agency.

We focus on your professional development as a top executive, owner-manager, or board member. However, we also delve into your life journey, sharply focus on your values, and explore your underlying motivation and drive.

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Strengthen your top leadership with executive coaching

With executive coaching, you receive support for current situations and challenges in both life and top leadership tasks

Personal and Leadership Development: We focus sharply on your unique DNA as a top leader, your strengths, your areas for development, and your underlying values and driving forces. You not only gain insights into yourself and what motivates you, but also into your role as a top leader and your responsibility within the organization and in society.

Support for Leadership and Personal Challenges: We delve into current issues with you while working purposefully and strategically on the development of your top leadership and your company.

Advice during Transition Periods: We support top executives in key career transitions, such as onboarding into a new top leadership role, changes in leadership levels, and starting a board career. We also offer executive outplacement in connection with departure.

I greatly appreciate speaking with a professional who hasn't just read from a book - but who actually has personal experiences from the business world. That makes a crucial difference. Johnny Nymann Stephansen, former SVRP Vestas

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Coaching at AS3 Executive is an intensive and exclusive development program for top executives, owner-managers, proprietors, and board professionals.

You can contact Director Jens Lunn directly for an initial conversation and learn more about our executive coaching - including the individual advisors.

We always conduct an expectation alignment on needs, benefits, and resources, and clear whether the 'chemistry' is right.

Phone: +45 20 90 28 73

Email: jlunn@as3.dk

Typical themes in executive coaching

  • Uncovering your leadership competencies, strengths, and development areas
  • Increased self-awareness - biases, psychological patterns, and development potential
  • Authenticity, presence, and personal values in the top leadership role
  • Development of your top leadership - collaboration, performance, strategy, and business development
  • Communication and impact in the top leadership role
  • Change management and organizational development
  • Personal and professional effectiveness
  • Work-life balance and well-being in the top leadership role
  • Relationship skills and collaboration with other management, board, stakeholders, investors
  • Clarification of dilemmas and challenges in the top leadership role
  • Development of your professional network and your personal brand
  • Your future career - potentials, opportunities, strategy

What you gain from executive coaching

We tailor the process to be based on your unique position, situation, and current needs.

  • You enhance your performance and your results
  • You strengthen your impact and your initiative as a top leader
  • You become clear on your competencies - professional and personal
  • You challenge your own beliefs, habits, mindset, leadership, and behavior
  • You gain new perspectives on yourself, your life, and your surroundings
  • You strengthen your emotional and social intelligence
  • You navigate better in your relationships with executives, the board, stakeholders, and investors
  • You improve overall leadership and collaboration across the organization
  • You rethink the business, core tasks, visions, and leadership
  • You find solutions to current problems, challenges, and dilemmas
  • You achieve better balance and greater well-being in the top leadership role

+30 years of experience with executive coaching

AS3 Executive is the preferred advisor and sparring partner for top executives.

AS3 Executive has extensive experience as coaches, career counsellors, and trusted sparring partners for top executives, ministers, directors, board members, and owner-managers.

With us, you get a confidential and exclusive space for development, sparring, support, and assistance.

All our coaches come from senior positions in the business world and have extensive experience in top management and business development - in various industries. Therefore, we can always match you and your needs.

In AS3 we have our own accredited coaching education at Senior Practitioner level and we have extensive practical experience in coaching top executives.

This is all your guarantee for executive coaching at the highest level.

Internationally Certified Coaches

AS3 has its very own Transition Coach education, accredited at three levels by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. The training ensures coaching professionalism within AS3 - and also for external participants.

The program is developed based on 8 core competencies, which are broadly described and defined by EMCC, and the accreditation ensures a high professional ethical level in professional conversations.

Our coaching approach is built on strong dialogue-based tools that promote reflection, insight, empathy, effective communication, initiative, and decisions.

Our executive coaches guide and coordinate conversations towards mutually defined goals while creating space for development through inspiring questions and hypotheses that offer new perspectives on your situation.

About our executive coaches

  • They have a top leadership background and use their own experiences and knowledge without dominating the space.
  • They integrate coaching in a way that gives your choices and priorities the most significant place.
  • They possess strong personal integrity and the ability for absolute confidentiality.
  • They work in a dialogue-based manner and contribute with their own reflections.
  • They challenge you and offer new perspectives on yourself and your situation.
  • They help you explore the path between what you want to do and what you're doing right now.
  • They focus on outcomes, progress, and adjustments, ensuring you reach your goals.
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What does executive coaching cost?

The price for your executive coaching program depends on the duration of the program or the number of sessions.

In most cases, the organization pays for the program. Feel free to contact us - completely non-binding - to get your price.

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Executive Coaches in Copenhagen and Aarhus

All Executive coaches have a solid leadership background from the Danish business community - as well as skills and networks within various industries and business areas.

Helle Bjerre

Helle Bjerre

Helle has over 30 years of experience in international business. In recent years, she has served as CEO, SVP, and VP in companies within the transportation, manufacturing, and finance sectors.

Henrik Huebner

Henrik Hübner

Henrik has over 25 years of top executive experience in large international, publicly traded corporations, including Sanistål A/S, Sophus Berendsen, and Dun & Bradstreet Int.

Mariann Linde

Mariann Linde Sejersen

Mariann has many years of experience in Human Resource management in global companies such as ECCO Sko, Grundfos, and Terma, including roles as director, board member, and board director.

Kai Dahl

Kai Dahl-Jensen

Kai has many years of experience from senior management positions in international IT companies, including roles as Nordic Director at CSC Nordic and CEO at CSC Consulting Group.



Charlotte Junge

Charlotte Junge

Charlotte is a former HR director at Jyllands-Posten and is a strategic advisor, board member, and network expert with international management and sales experience.

Helle Lehmann

Helle Lehmann

Helle has a pronounced global outlook and extensive international top executive experience in shipping and the insurance industry, most recently as Senior Vice President in a Norwegian insurance company

Peter Jahn

Peter Jahn

Peter has over 25 years of experience as a management consultant and sparring partner for boards, CEOs, and commercial leaders in the industry and in a range of Danish B2B companies.

Helle Thiele

Helle Thiele

Helle Thiele has been a top-level executive in the public sector for 25 years, most recently serving as Director of Children and Education in Kolding Municipality. She also has leadership experience in the telecommunications and consulting industries.

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