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Move forward in your career with executive outplacement

Terminations are a reality - especially for executives. But losing a job as a top leader and suddenly transitioning from a high-paced environment to profound silence and an empty calendar is a significant life change. For most, it's both challenging and emotional.

However, the right guidance and support can turn a difficult situation into something positive: A renewed perspective on yourself and a sharpened leadership profile that opens entirely new doors and career opportunities.

We talk to terminated top executives and directors every day. Therefore, we understand the challenges and concerns you face. And we can advise you on how to wisely navigate your career after a dismissal.

With executive outplacement, you get assistance in making long-term decisions and crafting the right strategy for your future career. We're ready to motivate, challenge, and guide you every step of the way - and we won't let go until you've reached your next dream job.


What is executive outplacement?

Executive outplacement is an effective and confidential counselling process that helps you safely navigate to your next top executive position.

Unique counselling after dismissal

Executive outplacement is individual counselling for top executives and directors who have received a termination notice.

Executive outplacement is all about helping you clarify your market value, uncover your options, and make the right decisions for your career.

Professional support for all stages of job seeking

Executive outplacement includes 1-1 meetings with your personal counsellor, professional communication training, profile assessments, access to top executive networks, and assistance for all stages of job seeking.

The goal is to ensure a smooth transition to your next job through a professionally advisory program.

Executive outplacement: Success in your job transition

We assist you in finding the right path forward after a termination and support you all the way to your next dream job.

The right strategy for you: Only a few top executive positions are advertised in public, which effects your career strategy. We help you ask the right questions, set clear goals, and make wise choices. This is your guarantee for a secure path to the right job.

Support for all phases: Our experienced advisors provide professional support for all phases of your job search. From clarifying your skills, job goals, and market value to execution itself, such as effectively utilizing networks (both ours and yours), applications, contacting headhunters, delivering a strong pitch, contract negotiation, and more.

With you all the way: We will closely follow your progress and won't let go until you've reached your career goals - whether it's moving on to a new top executive position, embarking on a board career, starting your own business, or something entirely different.

Contact Jens Lunn, Managing Director

Do you want to learn more about executive outplacement and how we can assist you? Or are you currently negotiating your severance agreement?

Contact Jens Lunn for an obligation-free discussion about your options. We handle all inquiries promptly - and of course, confidentially.

Phone: +45 20 90 28 73

Email: jlunn@as3.dk

Executive outplacement at AS3 is a tailored program

Your executive outplacement program is built around a series of activities and efforts that we customize together based on your needs and preferences. At the core is the personal guidance from your experienced executive counsellor, who is matched to you and your profile.

  • Individual counselling and mentoring: Personal meetings with your executive counsellor, at your convenience.

  • Specialist counselling: Collaboration with experts in fields such as board membership, NGOs, or a career as an entrepreneur or consultant.

  • Market value assessment: Clarification of your position in the job market and how it may impact your future salary and leadership level.

  • Career goals and next step: Mapping out your desires, needs, skills, success stories, and your opportunities.

  • Media and communication counselling: Support for professional communication if your departure gets (too much) public attention.

  • Personality profile analyses: 1-2 comprehensive tests focusing on key parameters for your individual performance and your leadership style as an executive.

  • Personal branding: Strategy, action plan, and mentoring with a communication advisor.

  • Networking strategy and networking: Activation of our executive network and the opportunity to participate in exclusive networking meetings and events.

  • Workshops and webinars: Expert recommendations on CVs, board work, director contracts, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Digital job universe: Unlimited access to guides, videos, and tools for professional job searching - specifically tailored to top executives.

  • Headhunting: Ongoing contact with Danish executive headhunters and exchange of CVs.

  • Career meetings: Personal board meetings and mentoring with selected business leaders.

  • Job interviews and pitch: Preparation for job interviews and review of the process afterwards.

  • Visuals: Professional video presentations and photos for your CV and LinkedIn.

  • Special services: Auditor and lawyer assistance, business psychologist, secretary, office and meeting facilities, and more.

It's all about you and your future

Finding a job isn't difficult. BUt finding the right job, where you unleash your full potential and thrive, is a challenge. That is why individual counseling and mentoring are essential.

All top executives and directors are different and have different wishes and needs. Therefore, executive outplacement with AS3 is not a standard program but rather a tailored combination of activities and elements that fit you and your situation precisely.

Perhaps you need to process the termination and explore your options before committing to your next step? Maybe you aim for a board career or dream of starting your own business? Or perhaps you simply want to move on quickly within the same field or industry you're came from?

Before starting your executive outplacement program, we always have an initial, non-binding meeting where we focus on your expectations and ensure that there's a good match between you and us.

You'll meet - in complete discretion - with a senior staff member from AS3 Executive to specify your needs. Here, we also ensure that you and the advisor match in terms of both skills and personality. After all, it's ultimately a matter of trust...

Together, you'll clarify your qualities as a top executive, your market value, the market situation, your interests, and motivation. And we set goals and direction for your continued career.

Your executive journey is unique. That's why we have specialized executive advisors in all areas, and together you'll find the best solutions for you.

We have the method, and we know it works. You have the responsibility - and we're with you every step of the way.


in an AS3 Executive program, find the right job within 9-12 months.

10 reasons to choose executive outplacement

With an executive outplacement program at AS3 Executive, you move forward to the right job - not just the next one.

1: You leave the dismissal behind and achieve renewed clarity, overview, and self-insight.

2: You gain new perspectives on yourself, your values, and your purpose.

3: You understand your market value and can make the right demands regarding salary, working conditions, leadership level, etc.

4: You clarify your career ambitions and goals - both short and long term.

5: You develop a strong, professional, and personal brand as a top executive.

6: You achieve a clear and attractive executive profile that stands out in the market.

7: You develop and strengthen your network with other executives.

8: You utilize new and effective methods for job searching and effectively leverage your personal skills and success stories.

9: You receive qualified guidance on specific dilemmas and decisions.

10: You develop a long-term and targeted career strategy.

35 years of experience in executive outplacement

We are experts in assisting directors and top executives safely in their careers after a redundancy.

AS3 is the largest, most experienced, and specialized provider of executive outplacement for directors and top executives in the Nordic region.

With 35 years of experience, we have deep understanding of companies, businesses, industries, and professions - and especially of people's skills, values, motivation, and drive.

AS3 Executive is part of the AS3 Group, headquartered in Denmark with business units throughout the Nordic region.

We also offer executive outplacement globally in more than 60 countries through our partnership with LHH.

Our executive advisors have C-level backgrounds

We are all experienced executives ourselves. Therefore, we understand the challenges you face and know what it takes to perform optimally at the highest level.

Like most top executives, we have also experienced firsthand what it's like to be dismissed.

Our experience and understanding of your situation enable us to provide precise guidance exactly to your needs.

We match you with a counsellor based on job category, industry, experience, age, gender, and - perhaps most importantly - chemistry.

Impartial executive outplacement - no headhunting

AS3 Executive works for you as a top executive. Headhunting is not part of our service, as we aim to protect your personal interests - not the company's.

However, we collaborate with 25 external headhunters if you wish to share your CV.

Your executive outplacement counsellor

  • Is a former top executive and has personal experience going through a termination process.
  • Is a certified business coach and trained to provide high-level coaching and guidance.
  • Establishes a confidential space where you can safely express doubts, frustrations, and dilemmas.
  • Is an honest and dedicated sparring partner who focuses you and your goals.
  • Challenges, guides, and motivates you, providing new perspectives on yourself and your situation.
  • Helps you map out your strongest competencies and best opportunities.
  • Possesses expert knowledge of the market relevant to your profile.
  • Focuses on development and progress, ensuring you reach your destination safely with the right job.


Meet our executive outplacement counsellors

We all have backgrounds as top executives and considerable experience in outplacement and career counseling for top executives, directors, and leaders.

Jens Lunn

Jens is the Managing Director of AS3 Executive and has been a leader in large established companies for most of his career, including as Sales Director at Codan and Managing Director at Falck Hjælpemidler.

Helle Bjerre

Helle Bjerre

Helle has over 30 years of experience in international business. In recent years, she has served as CEO, SVP, and VP in companies within the transportation, manufacturing, and finance sectors.

Henrik Huebner

Henrik Hübner

Henrik has over 25 years of top executive experience in large international, publicly traded corporations, including Sanistål A/S, Sophus Berendsen, and Dun & Bradstreet Int.

Mariann Linde

Mariann Linde Sejersen

Mariann has many years of experience in Human Resource management in global companies such as ECCO Sko, Grundfos, and Terma, including roles as director, board member, and board director.

Kai Dahl

Kai Dahl-Jensen

Kai has many years of experience from senior management positions in international IT companies, including roles as Nordic Director at CSC Nordic and CEO at CSC Consulting Group.


Bo Jensen

Bo is an Executive Director at AS3 Executive and has a background as CEO in companies including Badminton Denmark and Stahlwille Nordic A/S. He is also a board member of Nordic Green Tech.

Charlotte Junge

Charlotte Junge

Charlotte is a former HR director at Jyllands-Posten and is a strategic advisor, board member, and network expert with international management and sales experience.

Helle Lehmann

Helle Lehmann

Helle has a pronounced global outlook and extensive international top executive experience in shipping and the insurance industry, most recently as Senior Vice President in a Norwegian insurance company.

Peter Jahn

Peter Jahn

Peter has over 25 years of experience as a management consultant and sparring partner for boards, CEOs, and commercial leaders in the industry and in a range of Danish B2B companies.

Helle Thiele

Helle Thiele

Helle Thiele has been a top-level executive in the public sector for 25 years, most recently serving as Director of Children and Education in Kolding Municipality. She also has leadership experience in the telecommunications and consulting industries.

Practical matters

Target audience

Executive outplacement is for top executives in private companies or public organizations, directors, senior politicians, and other leaders at a strategic level.

Our candidates have been offered outplacement as part of their severance package - or choose to engage with us independently.


Executive outplacement with us is typically unlimited. Our goal is not to get you quickly back into employment but rather to ensure you find the right job.

We can also support you for the first 6 months in your new job, acting as a mentor and personal advisor during your onboarding process.


We have offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and we are also available for online meetings and phone consultations throughout your outplacement programme.

What does executive outplacement cost?

The price for an executive outplacement program is typically between half to a full month's gross salary for an executive.

An executive outplacement program always costs more than 'ordinary' leader outplacement programs because executives require an advisor with a special management background and various tailored services. The programs also typically last longer, as executive-level jobs are fewer.

Most often, it is the terminating company that pays for your executive outplacement program, but top executives may also cover the expenses themselves through their severance package or similar.

If you need a specially tailored program, you are always welcome to contact us for individual adjustments regarding content, duration, and price.

Interested in executive outplacement?

Call us at +45 46947777 to learn more, or get contacted completely non-binding.

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