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Together, we do the analytical work, we set the target and determine your personal career strategy for your future. We'll help you to open the door to new career opportunities, make a network available to you and ensure your comeback.

in a programme at AS3 Executive find the right job within 9-12 months

Customised programme

It is our experience that no two stories are identical. Therefore, we individually customise our advice and programmes, so you get maximum benefit from your time with us.
What is executive outplacement?

International focus with Lee Hecht Harrison - global outplacement

Through our partnership with Lee Hecht Harrison we can offer you highly qualified counselling in more than 60 countries all over the world

Our counselling is business and action oriented - and is always tailored to your special needs and wishes Jens Lunn, Director AS3 Executive
Niklas Savander - Find det næste job - AS3 Executive

Former Executive VP at Nokia, Niklas Savander,

It's hard to find your next job - also as a senior executive


Read Niklas Savander's story
Executive coaching og sparring - principper for coaching


If it is time for you to negotiate your severance package, you are considering Executive Outplacement and you are unsure about the benefits - please contact us for a no-obligation meeting

Executive Outplacement is our main area of business. We have 25 years of experience Jens Lunn, Managing Director, AS3 Executive