Programme for FOREIGN TOP LEADERS IN DANISH COMPANIES Executive Cultural Coaching

How to succeed as a foreign executive in Denmark

International executive profiles are adding value to Danish companies. But they are not always familiar with how to create engagement and results in a Danish context. This can lead to misunderstandings, lack of trust and well-being between the executive and the employees.

The AS3 Executive Cultural Coaching program provides an understanding of the essence of Danish culture and of do's and don'ts. The programme helps the executive to engage the employees, deliver results and have a successful stay in Denmark.

“This program gives you an understanding of what is required to thrive and create results in a Danish based company” Helle Bjerre, Executive coach

Executive match

AS3 Executive coaches and advisers come from leading positions in Danish and international businesses. They have lived and worked abroad, travelled extensively and have many years of experience in creating results in a multi-cultural context.

Everyone has extensive executive experience, a well-founded theoretical background and solid experience in leading, coaching and advising other executives. We will match your new non-Danish Executive with the best suited adviser and guarantee dedication, confidentiality, and full engagement in the corporation.

Content of the programme - examples

Materials and meetings will be tailormade to meet the Executive’s needs, and will include: 

  1. Current understanding of the Danish culture
  2. Current understanding of the company culture
  3. Understanding of the company culture
  4. Cultural mapping (Erin Meyer)
  5. Cultural pitfalls, tips and tricks
  6. Relevant work challenges and case stories
  7. Denmark and Danes outside working hours

The programme includes four meetings.

More info?

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