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Our goal is for you to find your way to the right job Kai Dahl-Jensen, Executive Outplacement rådgiver

Kai Dahl-Jensen, Executive Outplacement counsellor

“The path to your dream job requires careful identification of your competencies and clarification of your job requirements. I will be your coaching partner and I will challenge you - and I will supply you with information about the market. Together, we will plan out a targeted strategy and action plan to achieve your next career goals.” Kai Dahl-Jensen, certified counsellor with AS3 Executive and former executive and CEO.

“Competencies that are in demand today may be outdated tomorrow, so the challenge for us all is to keep ourselves sharp, up-to-date, flexible and ready for change. Although we are all aware of the increasing turnover rate of directors and executives, and that losing your job is just part of the executive territory, it usually comes as a surprise when we are actually handed our notice. At least that's what it was like for me when I was stopped in my tracks as Nordic director almost 3 years ago. Now it was my turn to take a proper look at my skills, dreams and opportunities.”

 ”At AS3 Executive, our goal is not just to help find a new job for our candidates. Our goal is to find the way to the right job, even if that can take longer. There is a common theme in our advice, which is well-tried and has been constantly optimised for 25 years. Your programme will be customised to your needs in consultation with your personal counsellor. You will have access to a robust set of useful tools and a team of counsellors who can complement one another with competencies and knowledge about different aspects of the world of business.”

 Kai Dahl-Jensen's background is from the IT industry where, for many years, he worked at all levels, from system developer to CEO and Nordic Director. In his role as outplacement and career development counsellor to executives, his advice is based on experience from an industry which (as much as any) has been marked by rapid development, new technologies and changing agendas, and where there is a great demand for an ability to change.