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Jesper Møller, Director of Executive Services - Executive Outplacement counsellor

“Momentum, focus and pace are three crucial elements when trying to pin down your next top-level career job. In my experience it is difficult to maintain all three when your notice of termination is a reality, regardless of whether or not it was expected. In my capacity as counsellor and sparring partner, I help you to keep your grip, identify your options and achieve your goals.” Jesper Møller, certified counsellor with AS3 Executive, professional board member and former top-level executive.

All candidates have their own story. Some of them kept the ball rolling without the slightest notion that their business card could be ripped up at any moment. Others have been involved in the planning of their own departure. Regardless of the situation, once you have left the company you face a new reality, a reality in which questions about identity, prestige, ambition, future financial worries or a thirst for brand new challenges may all have a role to play.

In this situation it is normal to lose both focus and momentum, and people often end up wasting precious time. As your personal executive outplacement counsellor, I consider it my mission to keep you in a work mindset and to make sure that you embark upon your search for a new job in the same way as you would take up the gauntlet of any other business challenge, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and results. With AS3 Executive, I provide you with personal coaching and a structured, proven programme with tasks for you to get up every morning and complete, which include discovering your competencies, clarifying which jobs you want and a strategy for how you could be considered for the right positions. We analyse, plan, practise and coach you behind the scenes, making you look sharp and helping you to achieve your goal, faster.

 Jesper Møller has a solid business background. He comes from Toms, where he was CEO for 9 years until April 2014. His career portfolio includes a wide range of senior positions in major international companies, including ISS, Coca-Cola/Carlsberg, Nestlé, BP and Q8, as well as board experience (including as chairman of the Confederation of Danish Industry). Jesper is currently a board member of the Danish Industry Foundation and Brøndby Football Club.

Jesper Møller, Director of Executive Services - Executive Outplacement counsellor